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Venezuelan newspaper angers government

Juez ordena al "6to Poder" que suspenda publicación

August 29, 2011 | New Yorktwtter.jpg

The irreverent weekly 6to Poder recently ran a front-page photomontage of Venezuelan politicians' heads atop bodies in skimpy swimwear and asked readers which were the sexiest. Another photo collage, published shortly before President Hugo Chávez announced he had cancer, depicted him in a hospital robe as if about to undergo surgery.

But when a judge ordered the newspaper to stop publishing last weekend after an issue that particularly enragedChávez's allies, it became a flashpoint in a renewed debate over free speech.

The newspaper landed in trouble last Sunday as the latest issue was hitting the stands. A photomontage labeled "Chávez's women in power" depicted the Supreme Court president, the elections chief and four other prominent female officials as cabaret dancers in revealing skirts and high heels.

The text below described an imaginary scene in "the Cabaret of the Revolution," saying the women danced with high kicksto "attract the public to the Revolution" led by Chávez. An accompanying article promoted the view that various top officials who hold independent offices have become subordinated to Chávez.

The reaction was swift. A judge ordered the newspaper to temporarily cease publishing, which was a first in Venezuela.

Pro-Chávez lawmaker Desirée Santos Amaral defended the court's order, saying the latest photomontage was an example of various irresponsible actions by the newspaper.

Defense lawyer Pedro Aranguren said he will appeal the judge's order that shut down the newspaper.

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