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Socialism and Communism: basic differences

Socialism and Communism: basic differences
Some ideas in the context of a financial crisis

Alfredo Ascanio (askain)

In the year 1978 Willy Brandt, Chairman of the Socialist Party of Federal Germany, said: that the fundamental values of socialism are freedom, justice and solidarity. Democratic socialism is equal to what fate has been called social democracy. Both political movements are interested in a restructuring social freedom.

The political goal of democratic socialism is the welfare and progress of a country to overcome the traditional capitalism. The objective of the policy of democratic socialism is to improve the conditions and fate of the individual in its own context.

Freedom means being free of external ties, but the own decision is achieved only under the rule of law or legal security that ensures justice. Solidarity is the element that unites the freedom with justice and that is achieved only with the participation of the citizen.

These criteria were also ratified by Bruno Kreisky, a socialist from Austria, adding that it is also a key international solidarity or political cooperation and development aid to prevent worldwide speculation.

Also said Mario Soares, driver of socialism at Portugal, that the socialist man rejects totalitarianism and military coups, and rejected also the communism that imposes a special kind of dictatorship; ideas that were also part of the thinking of Victor Raul Haya de La Torre, President of the Peruvian APRA Party who always ratified the following: freedom with nutrition, freedom with education and freedom with social security service.

Social democracy in Western Europe is a model of social development has been able to locate between conservative capitalism and doctrinaire communism.

The state retains individual freedom and also is the body that guides and regulates economic and financial activity. For example, Denmark is considered a very balanced society and has rejected the selfish capitalism and state capitalism, dominated by a very ineffective bureaucracy. The socialism of the Scandinavian countries is a human socialism or just the relationship between the individual and society.

For Lilian Uchtenhagen, the Swiss Social Democratic Party, the search for a new international economic order has to do with democratic socialism. This socialism will overcome the conflicts of interest and also met the demands of citizenship. However, as the new order has to implement some structural changes then it is not readily acceptable, especially in countries already developed.

Today the development is more qualitative than quantitative. The quality of life now is accomplished with environmental protection, social security and the increase of schooling, goods an services that are not produced by the private sector but by the public that it seeks a benefit / cost greater than unity.

The development is not identical to growth, including the financial activity of Wall Street; it can be recovered but the economy can continue with difficulties, because most of the time the financial decisions are made unilaterally without taking into account what happens in real economy. The people must initiate the economic development with its own responsibility, to meet their own needs, but with the support of the state.

Democracy is the basis of socialism said Bernt Carlsson of Sweden's Social Democratic Party. There was consolidated first political democracy, then social democracy and economic democracy right time.

The blind faith in growth, behind the backs of development, is based on the exploitation of limited resources, as it is showing at this time the energy crisis. All this has put at risk the environmental health and ecological balance.

Doctrinaire communism is based on a totalitarian system that polarizes social classes between two blocks and thus produces hatred and unnecessary conflict.

This kind of de facto government removes the civilized system of the free vote to elect a representative democracy and has little contemplation of human rights. In this system the people's sovereignty is manipulated from the few to dominate the power.

The dogmatic thinking is intolerant because it is based on an ideological monocentric.

In its effort to form an egalitarian society, said Michael Rocard, secretary general of the French socialist party, the world communist removed all free thought and all the practical exercise of a pluralistic and multiparty democracy.

The program of communism bureaucratic and centralized program for a small group in power has not been able to be applied in complex societies with democratic tradition, because these countries want universal suffrage, balance of powers and participation of citizens through various forms of economic and social management.

These democratic countries considered as inhuman repression and political persecution that destroys civilized coexistence.

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