miércoles, julio 25, 2007

El Internet de los INCAS

The Internet of the Incas

The Spaniards arrived at the Inca Empire in 1532. The Inca Empire had 3,000 miles of space from Ecuador to Chile, with ways and bridges.

The Incas organized their “Internet” in the age of bronzes; that is to say a “network” of 300 kilometers of communication so that the messengers took the news to the places that needed to comunícate.

As well as Google is a protocol to keep history, the Incas also had their protocol: “kipus”.

“kipus” means in the language of the Incas (Quechua) a knot. The system of knots in a cord , elaborated with the hairs of the “Llama”, is an historical file or supported (protocol) like which is known today in computer science.

The primitive technology and the contemporary technology have the same objective: to facilitate the life of the citizens. The concept for years has not been changing.

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