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The 20 Best Free Anti-Plagiarism Tools

June 25,2007
by Jonnathan Bailey

Technology has been very kind to the plagiarist.

Where once the plagiarist would have to re-type the paper or repaint the portrait, content theft now is just a mouse click or a keyboard shortcut away. Worse yet, whole technologies have been built around content theft. For example, RSS scraping applications can steal the content from thousands of feeds in a single hour, creating countless spam blogs.
However, technology is a double-edged sword. At the same time it has made content theft easier than ever, it has also empowered content producers with new, more powerful means of monitoring and enforcing their content rights.
No longer does a copyright holder have to wait to accidentally discover plagiarism or hope that a bystander will alert them, no longer is enforcement a long, arduous process. Every Webmaster, no matter how small, has the tools they need to track and stop theft of their content.

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