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This week is the sixth anniversary of the passing of the Affordable Care Act -- one of the most important bills that Barack has signed into law to improve the lives of the American people. And it's working.

It's been six years since supporters like you stood up and called on Washington to do the right thing and ensure that Americans have access to benefits like free preventive care and coverage for prescription drugs; that kids can stay on their parents' plans until they turn 26; and that no one ever has to confront lifetime limits on their insurance, or unfair costs for women, or barriers to being insured because of pre-existing conditions. 

OFA supporters played a vital role in making all of this possible, and Barack and I could not be more grateful for all that you've done.

But our work isn't finished. Millions of Americans in several states would be eligible for Medicaid, but state leaders are refusing to expand it for political reasons. And millions more Americans can now get coverage under the new marketplace, but don't yet know about their options. Reaching all of those people depends on supporters like you. 

OFA is one of the groups keeping up the fight for affordable health care -- add your name to join them.

Sasha and Malia are growing up fast (too fast), and as a mom, I know the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family will have the health care they need. 

A few weeks ago we learned that 20 million people now have that same sense of security because they've gained health coverage thanks to Obamacare -- and 100 million Americans who already had coverage now have additional benefits.

That's an overwhelming success for families, but there's more work to do -- say you'll stand with OFA and keep up the fight for affordable health care:



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