domingo, diciembre 27, 2015


Alfredo --

Looking back on all we've done this year, I have to say thank you to you and folks all across the country who've worked with me every single day to keep moving our country forward. Our steady persistence is really paying off for the American people in tangible ways, and we just couldn't have made that happen without you. 

But, as always, we've got more work to do, Alfredo. For all the very real progress we've made together this year, and over the past seven years, we still have some unfinished business. 

And I want to do everything I can, with every minute of every day I have left as President, to deliver on the change that still needs to be made and work that still needs to be done.

I'm more optimistic about 2016 than I've been at the start of any other year, because we have positioned ourselves to do really great things in the coming months. 

Nothing is more important to me in my last year in office than continuing to move our country forward and making a real difference in people's lives. 

I know you feel the same way, Alfredo, so if you're ready to join me and leave it all out on the field in 2016, pitch in $10 or whatever you can to become a 2016 Victory Donor, so we can elect leaders at every level who will work with us to get this done.

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