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Para mejorar su estrategia en Twitter

5 Applications To Schedule Your Tweets

By: Laura Wimble

Using Twitter as integrated part of a social media strategy is an imperative! However, to use it effectively, a business needs to invest time in managing their Twitter strategy. There are a number of applications that allow scheduling your tweets as to make your life easier. Although their number increases every day, we have compiled a list of best 5 applications.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is my favourite application for scheduling Tweets. It is very easy to use and reliable. Some of its features are:

-      tweet schedule based on date and hour,

-       allows the use of multiple Twitter profiles with multiple editors each,

-       integrated Facebook, LinkedIn and Ping.fm status updates

-      track statistics, RSS their content,

-      vertical columns, drag-and-drop functionality and embeddable columns contribute to HootSuite’s intelligent, intuitive layout

2. Cotweet

In the CoTweet Cohort advisory panel you can find brand names such as Ford, Pepsi, Best Buy, JetBlue, Sprint, and Microsoft. Designed to help businesses maximize their Twitter ROI, it offers a more sophisticated CRM solution allowing companies to:

-    manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard (up to six accounts),

-    support multiple editors for each account,

-    track conversations, assign roles and create follow-up tasks,

-    tweet scheduler for any date and time,

-    monitor keywords and trends,

-    conversation threading and on duty notifications,

3. Taweet

Taweet (beta) is a social calendar and event promotion application for Twitter launched in 2009. The application offers an effective way to manage your Twitter accounts:

- events Widget : solution for displaying upcoming events on your website or blog and sharing them on Twitter,

- multiple Account Management

- intuitive User Interface: a familiar user interface where you can create and manage your Future Tweets and also view your Twitter stream, replies and messages

- threaded Discussion

- social Calendar & Events: displaying all of the Future Tweets that you create.

4. Future Tweets

Future Tweets is a great simple service, which saves a lot of time and works for businesses who want to tweet. It allows you to:

-    schedule reoccurring tweets,

-    no multiple account management,

-    use short links and set a

5. Tweet Funnel

If you are looking to generate more consistent and relevant content for your audience by engaging more of your staff in the tweeting process, Tweet Funnel is your type of application.

-    supports multiple user types — administrators, publishers and contributors,

-    standard built in tweet scheduler,

-     contributors’ tweets can originate from a Web client or a mobile device.

These are few of the most useful applications that allow you to schedule your tweets in advance.

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