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Work At Home Opportunities Abundant For Journalists

The economic recession has left hundreds of thousands of professionals without work. In parallel this situation the advanced communication means have created new work at home business opportunities that few people see. In journalism and news reporting a number of work at home opportunities remain without being fully used.

News reporting and content writing is a type of work at home business opportunity that is very much available and abundant across internet. Some freelance journalists already use these opportunities, but the sector is being underutilized mainly because of performance based returns.

Many small businesses that want to increase their online presense are always in need of good writers who can write news about a particular industry that will be published on that business' website. Other sustainable work at home opportunities exist in news reporting industry where the news outlets have followed the public ideas created by the bloggers tapping on the knowledge and experience of citizen journalists.

Take for example About.com, which has created a work at home opportunities for professionals and claims that it has guides (that's how the writers are called) who earn more than $100,000 a year. The average Guide compensation is around $2,000 a month. All About.com Guides are freelancers who work at home online and set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to work at their desired time, from the comfort of their homes.

In the news industry one of the work at home business opportunities is this web project Huliq.com. HULIQ is a citizen journalism news website, which shares its advertising revenues with freelance news reporters who cover news for HULIQ from four parts of the world. This work at home opportunity provides not only financial reward, but also gives the satisfaction that the writer contributed to society's knowledge by writing and sharing a news story.

Compensation is based on how popular is the story and how many people read your story. The power part of HULIQ's work at home opportunity is that the writer is compensated based on the collective number of page-views that his or her stories have generated. Therefore, each next story contributes to earning increase.

People looking for other types of work at home opportunites may also want to consider blogging online. Just start a simple blog by using a free blogging platform such as Bogger.com. It does not even require an investment and is free. You may be surprised to see how many people follow your writing on a daily bases. When your readership grows you can user one the available online advertising mediums to monetize your time that is spent on blogging.

To realize the potential about how rich the online advertising is consider the following. Last year alone, Google paid out something like $US6 billion to other websites through its AdSense program and through DoubleClick and other technologies that it has put out there.

Work at home opportunities may also serve the needs of students. They can benefit them not only in their search for on the side job, but also for their internship needs. Students studying journalism are required to conduct internship programs in the field for academic credit. Some online newspapers such as HULIQ have internship programs for all industries and particularly for Journalist students. These internships are work at home opportunities. They are paid and the publisher works with the school toward intern's academic credit.

The abundance of work at home opportunities also create a multitude of work at home scams. People applying for these opportunities should carefully check the facts and make sure this is a real home based opportunity and not a scam. However, when a good one is found and long term relationship is build it does pay off and gives the freedom of work and recreation.

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