lunes, junio 08, 2009


Alli se trata el tema sobre laas primeras impresiones de BING vs. GOOGLE... es un BLOG escrito en idioma ingles.

El autor del BLOG dice:

Overall I am leaning towards Bing which I am surprised. I had a bit of a bias going in because let’s face it, Live Search wasn’t that great. I remember in the early says of Live Search I would type in Stardock and it would bring up some magazine review of WindowBlinds on ZDNet or something. But it’s come a long way and Bing is very close to being pretty ideal.

Microsoft still needs to get rid of some of the pointless clutter and they need to index a lot more. The news section on it is pretty basic and it copies Google so unapologetically that I feel a little dirty for using it. Windows may borrow concepts from the Mac but Bing is basically Google done as a web 2.0 project.

The real winner is all of us. I like Google a lot (I use Google Chrome) but I wouldn’t want them to be the only game in town. Bing is a worthy competitor and I find myself in the odd position of having Bing be my default browser for Google Chrome. How backwards is that?

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