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Romance: Chaves's daughter and Salvador Allende's grandson

Romance between Chavez's daughter and grandson of a famous Salvador Allende

She is the daughter of political Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, he is a doctor, a grandson of the deposed Chilean socialist president Salvador Allende. Descendants of symbolic families of the Latin American left, star in the romance of fashion in Chile and Venezuela.

Hugo Chavez was himself who launched the news on Sunday at his weekly program 'Alo Presidente' revealed that his daughter Maria Gabriela, 29 years, was the "companion" of Allende Pablo Sepulveda, 32, grandson of a political figure most admired by him.

"Pablo, Chilean physician, companion of Mary, and grandson of Salvador Allende," said Chavez in the program, where a tour of a production of drugs in Caracas.

The media in Chile show that the Chavez introduced the couple last November at the opening of the "Feria del Libro de Caracas" dedicated precisely to the work of Salvador Allende, to which Paul attended with one of his cousins.

Chavez learned of the presence of the grandson of Allende would have officiated by Cupid, deliberately sitting together in a ceremony that gave scholarships, according to the press in Santiago.

Beyond the crush was immediate. So much so that Maria Gabriela came to look for him in January to bring Chile to live in Venezuela.

Today, both live in Caracas. She conducts the first lady, while he continues to act as a medical clinic that bears the name of his grandfather.

The disclosure of the romance, however, fell to the wrong family Allende, who preferred to remain outside of the media.

"I will not say, nor will my sister Carmen Paz. It is absolutely a private matter for the family," said Congresswoman Isabel Allende.

"It's his life. "Maravilloso" has been in love. If Chavez came to speak, is a matter for him," he added.

Paul is the son of Carmen Paz Allende, the second of three daughters of Salvador Allende. Has dual Chilean and Mexican citizenship, where all his family went into exile after the military coup of September 11, 1973.

That day, amid the military uprising that included land and air bombardment of the presidential palace, Salvador Allende chose to commit suicide before handing over power to General Augusto Pinochet, a courageous gesture that often highlight Chavez, who calls it 'president martyr '.

Physician and his grandfather, Paul is also the grandson who most resembles him politically. He studied medicine in Cuba and is a strong supporter of the socialist project in Chile which left unfinished.

Until January he was in a public medical center in the city of Coquimbo, northern Chile, where he was remembered as a doctor "sensible" that he felt "frustration" because he could not attend as he loved his poor patients.

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