jueves, marzo 05, 2009

Court Inter-American on Human Rights

Today (February 5), Court Inter-American on Human Rights condemned the government of Venezuela for violating the principles relating to the media.

The president of the National College of Journalists (CNP), William Echeverría believes that after a struggle of almost 6 years, finally justice is done by the highest court of hemispheric human rights "on the decision of the Court Inter-American Human Rights demand from the Venezuelan State to guarantee workers Globovision and RCTV work without restrictions beyond the law and without jeopardizing its security.

Echeverria pointed out that the decision reached "without a single case sanctioned by the case of RCTV, definitively, by the Venezuelan judicial institutions. Our authorities are behind with the journalism profession."

"The final ruling of the Court orders the state of our country to take the necessary measures to avoid undue restrictions and obstructions directly or indirectly to exercise the freedom to seek, receive and impart information,"

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