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Obama's Speech in Charlotte, NC

Obama's Speech in Charlotte, NC
The strategy of involving the people
Alfredo Ascanio (askain)
Published 2008-10-19 09:27 (KST)

In economics nothing is completely true because the causes are many, but a trusted politician is one that has very clear objectives.

How is the Obama rescue plan?

Obama wants to make sure that it's easy for people to get the most benefit from this crisis today and in the future. When Obama was in Charlotte, NC, a while back, he clearly explained his ideas in relation to the new economic plan.

We can divide its proposals more or less in four parts.

The first part relates to the rescue of banks and the impact on Wall Street.

The second part is related to the protection of the people, what has been called Main Street.

The third part is related to an optimistic attitude that with the help of all Americans and other countries, the crisis would be controlled.

And finally the fourth part deals with the behavior of America that always in difficult situations has been able to go out with success.

What are the key words in Obama's speech in Charlotte, NC?

Taxpayer, investment, homeowners, global crisis, financial markets, the rules, Main Street, the banks, person, job, home, working families, tax, Americans, nation, the challenge, god, election.

What are the key verbs in Obama's speech in Charlotte, NC?

must be no, to reward, should be protected, to recoup, to help, join us, we need, to prevent, to afford to go, can't just be, has to be, to resolver, I know we can, we have always, we risen, We can steer, we never forgotten, we decide.

What are the key adjectives in Obama's speech in Charlotte, NC?

no blank check, global crisis, stimulus plan, painful budget, difficult times, disastrous direction.

If we look at the key words we can say the following:

This discourse is characterized as optimistic, realistic, human and very strongly, with very few self-references, but with a very broad use of the word "WE".

It is a discourse that does not use many adjectives; then the discourse is active and without frills.

Senator Obama began his speech by saying that taxpayers must be protected, in short that the plan is basically to protect people and not just to CEOs on Wall Street and banks. Obama said so clearly that the plan has to be especially for what has been called "Main Street".

The senator said it this way:

“We can’t just have a plan for the banks; we have a plan to Dolores; We gotta have a plan for you…and you; a plan to person who’s lost their job, a plan to person who’s lost their home. A plan to young person who’s try to afford to go to college”.

It is likely that the way to involve people in a scheme that aims to resolve a financial crisis, must give to Senator Obama dividends in his political campaign.

According to a national poll that CNN conducted after the debate, 58 percent of people felt Barack Obama won the debate, while 31 percent felt that John McCain performed better. The poll also indicates that the majority of people polled felt Obama would do a better job on the economy, health care, and taxes. Additionally, those polled felt Obama was more likable and the stronger leader.

And that's what this election is all about.

Alfredo Ascanio is a professor of economics at Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, Venezuela.
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