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Imaginary interview with Obama

Imaginary interview with Obama
The bubble, market speculation, and Main Street
Alfredo Ascanio (askain)

Q: The financial crisis has beaten the USA and political leaders. The polls say that there is no trust in political parties and institutions. But the poll, according to Rasmussen Report (October 3), Obama has the approval of 51%, 44% McCain and President Bush 28%. Then Obama for his ethical-political stance is similar to that of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933?

B. Obama: The ghosts of 1929 returned again in the twenty-first century. But Herbert Hoover is not in power, and Roosevelt never thought to hide a collective economy in a Trojan horse. I want to confront the crisis with some changes that have been very clear and transparent. What we have learned is that neither the "invisible hand of market", or "iron hand" of the state not serves to solve our difficult economic and social problems.

Q: "If people see that Congress has not acted well, that can beat Obama, but it is not something decisive," said Hayes.

B. Obama: I have taken away without losing sight of the problem, as rightly said Baum. But when I wrote my book The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, I was thinking about the future that involves repairing a political process that is broken and restoring a government that has fallen out of touch with the people. Unfortunately, the political culture tends to emphasize conflict, the media emphasizes conflict, and the structure of our campaigns rewards the negative.

Q: But the problems are complex and it is possible that the political culture is different now than in the past.

B. Obama : it is possible and that's why I give it more importance to common sense than ideology. People are looking for serious solutions to complex problems.

Q: What has been the inspiration to accept this nomination for president?

B. Obama: the people inspire me. I'm inspired by the love people have for our country.

Q: You think the crisis is a short-term solution?

B. Obama : I think the crisis is not overcome in the short term. People have to understand that the crisis is complex and difficult to resolve quickly. The irrational excesses of banks and real estate companies have made George Soros ensure that our economic model is in intensive care.

Q: What was the origin of the uncertainty of the economy?

B. Obama: The Federal Reserve lowers interest to 1% to give greater confidence among economic actors and we all know that cheap money created the housing bubble and the debts of very poor quality that threaten the real economy.

Q: How Obama sees the future of the American economy?

B. Obama: I am sure that in future we will have better controls on the market. But we must not forget that the ethics and honesty of our political discourse is key to any solution.

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