domingo, marzo 16, 2008

By Kenneth Rijock
Venezuela is attempting to sabotage Colombia's Free Trade Agreement with the United States
16 March 2008

Apparently, Venezuela's support of the FARC has taken now on an international aspect. The Government of Venezuela is reportedly working through American intermediaries to make illegal political contributions to the Democratic Party of the United States, the object being to financially support a negative Congressional vote on the Free Trade Agreement. A US rejection of the FTA would send a message to the Colombian people that it doesn't pay to be a friend of the United States, and play right into the hands of the FARC, now presently believed to be on the run from the Colombian Ejercito (Army), demoralised, and suffering a large number of desertions. If you wanted additional evidence of the incestuous relationship between President Chavez and his mentors, the terrorist FARC, here it is, readers.

These payments will be cleverly laundered through experienced straw-men, all American citizens; Political action committees may also be utilised funnel the cash in, to support those Members of Congress who are openly hostile to America adopting a free Trade Agreement with Colombia, due to their perception that there is insufficient action against human rights violators, The idea is that the recipients will have no idea who the true donor is, believing them to be wealthy US citizens acting through their counsel.

Those American professionals being well paid by the Venezuelan government to act as stand-ins for the political contributions might like to know the following: the US Attorney could charge you with violations of the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986, a 20-year felony. You probably also are violating the law against being an unregistered agent of a foreign power, (just like Carlos Kauffmann et al). There may also be national security issues, but we'll leave those arguments to the prosecutors.

World-Check is, and always will be, apolitical; Our adversaries are the financial criminals of the world. Our interest in this sordid matter is solely to warn those of our readers who are compliance officers at US banks, and who handle accounts for political parties to be alert for funds that might have originated at US branches, agencies or representative offices of foreign banks when examining incoming substantial wire transfers. Whilst we do not believe that these individuals would be so careless so as to move funds in this way, arrogance sometimes breeds negligence. Please make sure you are not the director of compliance at the bank later named as the conduit for illegal political contributions.

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