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Ya es posible colocar en su blog un Slide Show con el programa, todavía en Beta, llamado Bubble Share. El experto Wade Roush nos cuenta como hacerlo en su blog al final de esta página. Este especialista en tecnologías ha colocado en su Hoja un Slide Show acerca de Helsinki , Finlandia. Lo interesante es que esto se acompaña con música y narración en audio. El nos dice lo siguiente:

"a simple way to create slide shows with music or audio narration, then share them over the Internet. Now there's a startup called BubbleShare that provides exactly that. Today I tested Bubbleshare's service (which is still in beta) on a batch of photos that I took two weeks ago while on assignment in Helsinki, Finland. The result is below, at the bottom of this post".

Roush nos orienta cómo lo ha hecho él mismo:

"Building a BubbleShare slide show couldn't be easier. Step 1: Upload your photos to BubbleShare's site (registration required). Step 2: Add captions and/or audio snippets (BubbleShare lets you record up to 30 seconds of audio per photo.). Step 3: Paste the HTML code that BubbleShare provides into your own Web page or blog entry. Then you get a mini-slide show player like the one here -- or you can post a link from your page to a higher-resolution version of the show hosted at BubbleShare's site.

The only technological prerequisites are a camera, computer, broadband Internet connection (otherwise uploading and recording would be excruciatingly slow), and microphone. I used the same $20 Radio Shack PC headset that I use for Skype calls and podcasting. You don't need anything fancier, since Bubbleshare drastically compresses the audio track anyway".

Welcome to Buble Share:
Pueden ver un ejemplo de esto en :
Un slide show about Helsinki:

  • Este es mi Slide Show sobre la ciudad de Caracas:

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