jueves, septiembre 07, 2006

The Truth About Castro's Health

The Truth About Castro's Health
Cuba: He is recovering. USA: He has cancer. Who is telling the truth?

Alfredo Ascanio (askain)
Published 2006-09-07

In Cuba, the Communist Party has said the worse is over for Fidel Castro. Now, he is recovering.

But an intelligence agency in the United States reports that the Cuban leader has cancer, in the stomach and in the liver, and that he probably doesn't have long to live.

Nevertheless, Castro will preside at the 14th Conference of Nonaligned Countries that is to take place in Havana the second week of September.

Castro, 18 kg lighter and still very weak, will be hard put to welcome the 50 presidents and delegations from the 116 member countries.

He will be Temporary Chief of State like Raul Castro and play the roll of main host.

The health of a president is always a state secret when the information can be used for aims not revealed to the public, especially when a country happens to be in a difficult situation, like preparing to delegate power.

The meeting of the nonaligned countries will also serve as a good time to disclose a new book, "Fidel Castro, a two-voiced biography," written by French journalist Ignacio Ramonet from a long interview Castro gave him.

It will surely serve to advance Ramonet's book before a new one appears post-mortem.

Politics, the science of control and power, does not leave anything in the open, especially in Cuba, where politics resides with an intimate circle formed by Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Ricardo Alarcon, Carlos Lage Davila, Felipe Perez Roque, Jose Ramon Balaguer, and the ideologists of the Communist Party, Cuban Esteban Lazo and Jose Future Machado.

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