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Set birthday alarms

With this tool we can have all the birthdays of the students to congratulate them when the moment arrives.

Universities Worldwide

Links to 7095 Universities in 180 countries (February 19th, 2005)
Welcome to the searchable database of Universities around the world! Starting as a mirror site of Christina DeMello's "College and University Home Pages" list that hasn't been updated for a long time, the listing of Institutions is now based on the "World List of Universities 1997" published by the International Association of Universities (IAU) and links discovered or posted here. Database is maintained by Klaus Förster, reproduction and distribution are permissible for non-profit purposes only, but no changes are to be made to these documents without the author's written consent.

Alta Vista -Babel Fish Translation

Hello... Always it is good for having ready a tool to translate.

Open Learning Support ( UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY)

to Utah State University's Open Learning Support: a free and open resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world. OLS supports USU's mission by engaging the public, cultivating diversity of thought and culture, and supporting learning.

Open Learning Support:

* Is a space where individuals can connect to share, discuss, ask,
answer, debate, collaborate, teach, and learn.
* Is not a degree-granting or certificate-granting program.
* Does not provide formal access to university faculty.

OLS currently serves seven courses from MIT's OpenCourseWare initiative. OLS will be integrated with additional courses from MIT/OCW and educational materials from other collections over time (you can vote for the courses you would like to see supported next). If you have an MIT/OCW-like collection of educational materials and you would like to integrate with OLS, let us know.

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Step 1 - Get A Free Blogger Blog
I'm using this to document how to set up a free videoblog. I'll take you through creating your own free website/blog, using Flickr for free image hosting, and the Internet Archive for free video hosting.

Step 2- Set up Free image hosting with Flickr

Step 3- Upload your video to the internet archive

Step 4- Create an RSS feed with enclosures

Step 5- Join the community

VideoBlog made Easy!

On VBlog Central Service.

vBlog Central is a service that makes it easy to post video (and audio and pictures) to your existing blog. We host your video content and display it in whatever format your users want. It's transparent and easy.

Videos, even low quality ones, make a blog much more interesting. When you put video in your blog you get a videoblog, or vblog, for short. They are also known as vidblogs, vlogs, or vogs.

This video was made by one of our alpha testers, Citizen Journalist Steve Garfield, during the recent Boston primary election. You can read his original blog post for a brief introduction and to see what people had to say about his video.

Video Blogging Information

Start Videoblogging... it is a new form of expression. On this website you cant read about people who videoblog.


My Video Aggregator...

The VideoBlogging WIKI

Home Page of the group (videoblog and Wiki)

10 rules for media (and newspaper) survival

And VideoBlogging Wiki...

The Video Blog of Ryan Hodson -blogspot

How to start a FREE videoblog and download ANT, the first Video aggregator !

Ryan Hodson (Video Editor)

Ryanne' s video blog ( I love to tell stories with videos).Es un editor de VIDEOS.

The Video Blog of Steve Garfield

This is the Video blog of Steve.Un Blog con VIDEOS.

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Jay Dedman Videoblogging

This is the Jay ' s Blog about videoblogging. Aquí explican el tema.


Videoblogging with Jay Dedman and the other. Videoblogging is simply the act of using blogging software to post video. Okey...but when can I have this features in my blog? Where is the software? I should like one software for today...:- (

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A Beginner's Guide to TrackBack

What Is TrackBack?

In a nutshell, TrackBack was designed to provide a method of notification between websites: it is a method of person A saying to person B, "This is something you may be interested in." To do that, person A sends a TrackBack ping to person B.

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Dilemmatic's Projects

This is the Leslie Simonfalvi projects (Hungary).Es un lugar para enseñar la gramática inglesa.

America' s New Class Division

By Tim Egan
New York Times correspondent

For many young Americans, getting a degree is seen as the only passport to success.
With a shortage of places, parents are adopting ever more desperate measures to get their kids into a top university. Timothy Egan suggests that a new class division is emerging in America - between the graduates and the fast food workers.

Cognitive Assistant That Learns and Organizes

SRI International (Artificial Intelligence Center) is leading the development of new software that could revolutionize how computers support decision-makers. El proyecto se llama :
  • CALO
  • It is CALO

    Under the Personalized Assistant that Learns (PAL) program of  the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), we are working with SRI and other team-members on the CALO (Cognitive Agent that Learns and Organizes) project. The goal of this project is to create personal digital assistants that will learn from observation, experience, and by interacting with and being advised by its human users. These agents can be told what to do, and they will know and will be able to explain what they are doing. They will be able to respond to surprise in a robust manner, and they will interact with each other to handle a broad range of inter-related decision-making tasks. These computational agents will have the ability to engage in and lead routine tasks, and to assist when the unexpected happens. 

    Un experimento interesante !!!

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    24 sample student blogs

    The Jason Ward' students. Son BLOGS en 20 six un lugar de Inglaterra para montar los BLOGs , pero para verlos hay que estar suscrito en el lugar.

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    This course online was excellent... I want to congratulate to the promoters of the course professors: Aaron P. Campbell, Barbara Dieu (Bee) and Graham Stanley because that ‘ s a very good course wish the right direction. And also: a community of collective blog, Anne Davis, James Farmer, Will Richardson, Teresa Almeida Eça, Vance Stevens, J. Lindsay and Jason Ward.Thank you very much and until soon.

    Este curso on-line fue excelente… Yo quiero congratular a los promotores del curso profesores: Aarón P. Campbell (Kyoto, Japan), Barbara Dieu ( Bee-Sao Paulo-Brasil) y Graham Stanley (Barcelona,Spain), porque este es un buen curso con la correcta dirección. Muchas gracias y hasta pronto.

    Este curso on-line era excelente... Eu quero a congratular aos promoters dos professores do curso: Aaron P. Campbell, Barbara Dieu (Bee) e Graham Stanley porque este ele é um curso bom com o sentido correto. Muito obrigado e até logo.

    Community WIKI

    This is our opensource collective Wiki

    What is RSS ?

    This PDF Getting Started RSS Guide

    Long Island University (Kyoto Center)

    The Spring Semester 2005 began with a huge snowfall here in Kyoto.  Students got off to a quick start with their Japanese language classes and Japan: Behind the Mask.  Other courses being offered this semseter include Japanese Culture, Interactive Webpublishing, Teaching English as a Second Language, and College Writing; while students will be pursuing independent studies in organic farming, photography, Zen, taiko drumming, online journalism, vipassana meditation, alternative education, shiatsu, and interships at a local N.P.O.   Today we're holding a workshop in Japanese martial arts and a kick-off-the-semester party at Obanzai.  Stay tuned for updates!

    (Aaron Campbell - Academic Coordinator )