jueves, abril 07, 2005

Cursos Básicos on-line (para novicios)

Los cursos de AULA-CLIC sobre correo electrónico, word, excel... son interesante para personas que comienzan a conocerlos. Además, presenta secuencias animadas.

miércoles, abril 06, 2005

HOW TO START A WIKI (cómo hacer un Wiki)

En el Link de arriba pueden comenzar el aprendizaje para hacer su propio WIKI. Yo me fui al Wiki Free de riters.com y allí sin necesidad de hacer una cuenta fui directamente a poner el nombre de mi WIKI que ahora flamantemente aparece en :

El WIKI de askain

Ahora tendré que aprender a escribri con los códigos apropiados. De todos modos como el WIKI es un hoja Web basada en hypertexto colaborativo, con énfasis en lograr un fácil acceso para modificar páginas e informar. Ud. puede editar cualquier página al hacer Click en la parte donde se señala EDITAR. En su caso si ya conoce como hacer WIKI WIKI (rápido muy rápido), lo invito a que me deje en mi WIKI un buen mensaje alentador...

Now I will have to learn the appropriate codes. Anyway as the WIKI is a leaf Web based on colaborativo hypertext, with emphasis in managing a easy access to modify pages and to inform. You can publish any page when doing Click in the part where it is indicated EDIT. In its case if already it knows like making WIKI WIKI (fast very fast), I invite you to leaves in my WIKI a good encouraging message .....

martes, abril 05, 2005

Un Tutorial acerca de Blogs y de Wikis

En el link de arriba veran un tutorial sobre los conceptos acerca del blog y el Wiki y su uso en la docencia.

Lo que me pareció interesante es la recomendaciones sobre Wikis, por ejemplo estos son los enlaces que se aconsejan allí:


Welcome to the Riters.com entirely free wiki farm service. Make an entirely free wiki, Browse existing wikis at Riters.com, or find out more About Us.


What is Swiki.net?

Swiki.net is based on the original WikiWikiWeb concept by Ward Cunningham. This hosted implementation is based on the Swiki implementation of WikiWikiWeb.

Swiki.net is a hosted website for groups of people with a common interest.  Anyone who has access to your web site may add content directly through a web browser.  This means that a user may edit any web page on the web site or even add or delete web pages.  Because you can do this directly through your web browser, you do not need to have any computer or internet programming knowledge or any special software. 

Simply click on the "Edit" icon on any page and begin typing your changes as if the page were in a word processor on your computer!  You can then create new pages, upload documents, and add text, images and links.  This extremely powerful feature allows true collaboration among groups of people as they share knowledge and keep track of resources.


It's simply the best way for groups to create, share and publish all kinds of information together.

You can begin with a single seedwiki page. Your wiki will grow quickly as people add more content and more pages.

Take a quick tour of seedwiki features, or read the seedwiki faq, then sign up today for a free or pro-level seedwiki account.


Wiki entry offer - wiki of your choice (we recommend MediaWiki) with 1 gigabyte storage space and 5 gigabytes of data transfer. 15 USD / month (VAT included)
* CMS full package - dedicated server (at least 40 gigabytes harddisk, 50 gigabytes data transfer) running a wiki of your choice and any other CMS software you want us to install, with comprehensive service package. 100 USD / month (VAT included)


EditMe is a new service that empowers non-technical users to quickly and easily build and host irresistibly editable web sites. Unlike existing web hosts, EditMe includes powerful features to enable multiple contributors to collaborate on the site's content. EditMe is great for use as a personal web site, company intranet, collaboration site, blog, or wiki.