sábado, enero 29, 2005

Two important links about statistic

The basic principles of the statistics and the best Link on a compilation of softwares appear immediately:
  • Statistics

  • Statistics Softwares

  • This is one of my areas of interest
  • A Wiki

    A wiki is a website that allows a user to add content, as on an internet forum, but also allows that content to be edited by anybody. Wiki is a collaborative software used to crate hyperlinks between wiki pages. Please look:
  • And the directory
  • WIKI Directory

  • what is seedwiki?

    seedwiki is a way for any group to create, share and publish information effortlessly.
    You start by creating shared web pages that everyone can edit. It's as easy as typing in MS Word. Everyone can make page changes, add new pages, and link to other wiki pages (and other websites). When you click save, you see the results of your work instantly.

    There's no simpler way to create and collaborate on the web. And, seedwiki puts more power in your hands than any other wiki environment.

    Now you can see an example of the Wiki in
  • Link Education

  • Once a teacher said following
    no can be learned
    without a dosis
    of interest and persistence
    which is a truth as large as a temple

    Web Note


  • This link is a WebNote that allows a user to add content and use it all the time.La tecnología de las Notas en una Web es importante para poder tener presente un recordatorio de un evento.

    The trackback (at Holoscan)

    The best way to activate trackback is through
  • because in that Link we can find the codes to be able to use trackback.

    viernes, enero 28, 2005

    Renata Suzuki' article (Sophia University-Japan)

    Renata Suzuki's article is unique to these other works because it discusses blogging in the familiar context of diary writing, and then shows how a diary in the form of a blog (allowing others to comment on the 'diary') can be useful as a qualitative research tool. Permission to quote comments made in the researcher's blog has been granted by those mentioned by name. (Vance Stevens, Editor)

    The lessons of Rebecca Blood

    Rebecca in this article makes an analysis about blog and of its uses. Weblogs : a history and perspective.