viernes, marzo 03, 2006

CNN-MONEY y las 28 empresas digitales

In the CNNMONEY pages we identify 28 companies, in five Next Net categories, whose approaches help illuminate where the Web is headed and where the opportunities lie. Most are startups, a lot of them with less than 10 full-time employees. Few are currently making money, and it's a given that many will fail. But it's equally likely that somewhere within this group lurks the next Google or Microsoft or Yahoo -- or at least something that those giants will soon pay a pretty penny to have.
La lista es como sigue:
DIGG ( News aggregator), (Social radio), Newsvine (Collaborative publisher), Tagworld (Social networking), YouTube (Video Sharing), Yahoo, Bloglines (Online feed reader), Eurekster (Search mashup), Simply Hired (Job search engine),Technorati (Blog Search engine), Trulia (Real estate mashup), Wink (Tag search engine), Google (Search), Fonality (OPen-source telephony software),SIPphone (Internet phone software), Iotum (Presence management software), Vivox (Peer-to peer voice techology),eBay -Skype (Phone connection) , JotSpot (Wikis and online spreadsheets), 30Boxes (special online Calendar), 37Signals (Online project management), Writely (Online word processing), Zimbra (On-line e-mail with Microsoft Outlook), Brightcove (Internet TV distributor), Jigsaw (Business contact database), SimpleFeed (Opt-in RSS marketing), SalesForce (online enterprise software), Six Apart (Blogging tools), Amazon (books data).

lunes, febrero 27, 2006


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