miércoles, junio 21, 2006

WIKIS Made Simple-Very Simple

A Seattle startup called
  • launched the newest Web-based "wiki" platform this week, offering people who register with the company the ability to create community websites that can be edited easily by any user, or by invited members only, depending on the creator's preference.

    Wikis have been a popular tool for Internet geeks for about a decade, and now they're beginning to be adopted inside many businesses. For the most part, though, they haven't crossed into the mainstream -- the way that other Web-based publishing technologies such as blogs have. Wetpaint's founders hope to make that transition -- in part, by making their free, advertising-supported service as easy to use as familiar software tools such e-mail and word-processor programs.

    Este es mi WIKI simple:
  • Este es mi PODOMATIC

    PODOMATIC es una herramienta para trabajar lo que se denomina un Podcast.

    lunes, junio 19, 2006

    SINDICALIZAR los Blogs

    Este Link trata el tema de sindicalizar los Blogs. Es el Blog de Jeff Barr. Tan importante es el tema que hoy con mi NetNewsWire pude encontrar unas opiniones mias que había emitido y que ya se me había olvidado donde estaban, o sea el asunto es:

  • ELNEWS-VINE de Askain
  • domingo, junio 18, 2006